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45th BCS Preliminary Question Solution


Exam: 13th BCS 1991 – 92

Organized by: Bangladesh Civil Service

Number of Questions: 100

13th BCS Preliminary Exam Question Solution

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MCQs of 13th BCS exam are taken on Bengali, Maths, English and General Knowledge. So I have brought a solution for you. From which you will get relief from anxiety. So below you will get all the information related to solving the question.

13th BCS Preliminary Question Solution PDF Download

Officers in the Section of Basic Organization of the Bangladeshi government are accountable to the Bangladesh Public Service Commission. The Bangladesh Public Service Commission coordinates the nationwide exam for enlistment in the various Bangladesh Civil Service units known as the Bangladesh Civil Service. For graduates, post-graduates, understudies, and job seekers in the business world, BCS is the most important and competitive exam in Bangladesh. 

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BCS examination is a similar method for selecting all association officers for each department in Bangladesh. As a result, you can obtain the PDF file of the 13th BCS Question and Answer from the BCS Question Bank of somoyermuktokotha.com. Visit the list of questions, locate the download link at the bottom, click it, and the PDF file download will begin. 


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