Bangladesh Weather Highest Temperature

Bangladesh Weather Highest Temperature: Jashore Records Year’s Highest Temperature

Bangladesh Weather Highest Temperature: The heatwave lasted throughout the month of April that just ended. Meteorologists said that this heatwave has broken a 70-year record in terms of duration and scope. People all over the country are suffering from extreme heat due to continuous heat waves. Death occurred due to heat stroke.

The second highest temperature has been recorded in the country’s history. Jessore recorded 43.8 degrees Celsius on Tuesday (April 30). The maximum temperature of 43.8 degrees Celsius was recorded in Jessore, the southwestern district of the country, on Tuesday afternoon. This is the highest temperature in the country so far this year, said the Meteorological Department.

Bangladesh Weather Highest Temperature

The highest temperature recorded in Rajshahi was 45.1 degrees Celsius on 18 May 1972 after independence. This is the highest temperature in the country’s recorded history so far. As such, the maximum temperature of 43.8 degrees Celsius was recorded in Jessore on Tuesday in about 52 years after 1972.

Earlier, the highest temperature recorded in the country was 43.5 degrees Celsius on May 1, 1995. On April 25th of that year, the temperature was recorded at 43 degrees. And on May 21, 2014, the temperature in Chuadanga reached 43.2 degrees Celsius, the third highest in the country’s history. 

Heat waves have been blowing in various parts of the country for several days. Public life has become unbearable due to intense pressure. Several deaths due to heat-related diseases have also been reported in many areas. Meanwhile, the highest temperature in the country has reached close to 44 degrees.

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Why Heatwave Warnings?

A warning is issued at any place in Bangladesh if the temperature exceeds 36 degrees Celsius. The weather warning issued by the Bangladesh Meteorological Department at 3 pm on Wednesday, April 3, said that the ongoing heatwave over Dhaka, Rajshahi, Khulna and Barisal divisions may continue for the next 72 hours. It also said that due to the ongoing heat wave, the temperature of the surrounding region may also rise.

Note that 38 degrees to 39.9 degrees Celsius is called a moderate heat wave and 36 degrees to 37.9 degrees Celsius is called a mild heat wave. Temperatures between 40 degrees and 41.9 degrees Celsius are called severe heat waves. It is called an extreme heat wave when the temperature rises above 42 degrees.

Rain Forecast Bangladesh

Eastern parts of the country may experience rain on Thursday. This rain will spread across the country in the coming days. At the same time, the intensity and scope of the heat wave will gradually decrease. Weather forecast for the next 24 hours from 9 am on Wednesday. Omar Farooq said that in two places of Chittagong and Sylhet divisions, there may be temporary rain or thunder with gusty winds, along with scattered hailstones at some places. 

Excess water vapor may cause discomfort. On Thursday, some places of Chittagong and Sylhet Divisions and a couple of places of Dhaka, Mymensingh and Barisal Divisions may experience rain or thundershower with gusty winds and scattered hail at some places. 

In this, the prevailing heatwave may subside from some parts of the eastern part of the country. The day temperature may drop by 1 to 2 degree Celsius in eastern parts of the country on Thursday and it may remain almost unchanged in other parts of the country. The Meteorological Department also said that the night temperature may drop by 1 to 2 degrees Celsius across the country.


Directorate meteorologist Abul Kalam Mallick told The Daily Star on telephone yesterday that Jessore recorded a maximum temperature of 43.8 degrees Celsius today. This is the highest temperature in the country this season. He also said that the temperature of 43.7 degrees Celsius was recorded in Chuadanga today. And the temperature of Dhaka was recorded at 38.6 degrees Celsius.

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