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At the moment, the most significant movement in the world of science and technology is called the Artificial Intelligence app. People use in almost every aspect of daily life – from education, medicine, and transportation to manufacturing, markets, economy. However, in most cases, its application is not easy for the common people, and even if they do, very few people understand it.

For example, suppose someone searches for something on Google. In that case, Google automatically shows him the whole line as soon as he writes a word, or as soon as he enters Netflix, Netflix shows him a list of his favorite genres of movies and TV shows, all contributing to artificial intelligence. But the reality is that the role of artificial intelligence behind these remains largely unknown.

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About Top Artificial Intelligence App:

  • Siri

Siri can be said to be the first example of the application of artificial intelligence in mobile phones. In 2011, Steve Jobs appeared holding the iPhone in his hand. Siri is now working as a personal assistant for all Apple devices, namely iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

As a full-time companion, Siri’s job is to answer all of the user’s questions and follow all instructions from the web service. Siri gets control by voice, and so it tries to express the best possible results by mastering a user’s language and own accent.

  • Google Now

The best personal assistant for Android users right now is Google Now, which is no less than Siri. Rather, it puts Siri in stiff competition, and in many cases leaves Siri behind. Google Now also works according to voice commands like Siri.

Through this, he is able to give you certain information, open an application, do any work inside the application, play music, etc. And if necessary, you can personalize it just like Siri. The contribution of Google Now in making the experience of using Google on Android mobile more enjoyable is undeniable.

  • Socrates

It is an Artificial Intelligence-based application that can make a student’s homework much easier. All you have to do is take a picture of the question on your mobile, and you will find different solutions step by step. There is no comparison to this app, especially for kids.

It not only gives the correct answer to the question but also gives the explanation behind that answer. In this way, it plays the role of a full-time teacher for lower-class students. And best of all, this app is free to use, doesn’t show any ads, and doesn’t restrict the use of any features.

  • Microsoft Pix

This is a great camera app created by Microsoft, which has taken mobile photography to a unique height. Created on the basis of artificial intelligence, this app uses machine learning to increase the depth of the image. This app ensures that any image looks clean, realistic, and looks very beautiful.

  • Hound

This is another artificial intelligence app, which is able to find something by using your voice. So you don’t need to learn any special keyword phrases while using this app.

It can tell you the weather, temperature, navigation, directions to a place, possible fare from Uber, travel time, stock market price, etc. It also allows you to call someone, and search for news or videos.

  • Cortana

This is a very intelligent personal assistant app, which Microsoft originally created only for Windows Phone. The good news is that this artificial intelligence application can now run on Android, Xbox One, Windows 10, and even iOS operating systems. It also works via voice commands and answers any questions by searching in the installed browser.

  • Alexa

Initially, Alexa began its journey as a voice recognition engine, which included the Amazon Echo speaker. But now Alexa service is available as an application on all smart devices made by Amazon. It, like other personal assistants, is able to answer all the questions and needs of the user.

Moreover, it is associated with the cloud. As a result, the more a user uses it, the more Alexa learns about it, and the more effectively she can serve it later.

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