Boycott KFC Malaysia

Boycott KFC Malaysia: KFC Malaysia Temporarily Shutters Outlets

Boycott KFC Malaysia: The Malaysian outlets of the international fried chicken brand Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC, have been temporarily closed. The authorities claimed that this decision had been implemented in view of the critical economic situation. But the local media say different things. Reuters reported on Tuesday that the fast food chain has been involved in boycotting Western and Israeli products, although the authorities raised the financial issue.

Why Boycott KFC Malaysia?

KFC has become the target of a nationwide boycott movement in Malaysia, which is being instigated by Israel’s war on Gaza, which has received military support from Washington, along with rival fast-food chain McDonald’s and coffee chain Starbucks. These are all American chains.

In Malaysia, the boycott was implemented as a result of social media campaigns. This has reduced the sales of all companies in the country that have ties to Israel. Domino’s, the Malaysian branch of Starbucks is making various appeals to attract customers every day. Meanwhile, McDonald’s again took legal action against Malaysia for compensation that day.

Meanwhile, Muslim media mogul Al Jazeera says Indonesian Kelana has been boycotting the fast food chain since October when McDonald’s announced on social media that it had donated thousands of free packets of food to the Israeli army amid the Gaza war. Kelana also says it’s not so much a direct boycott, but a feeling of deep resentment toward Israel.

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KFC Boycott Malaysia Today

Malaysia, a Muslim-majority country, is a staunch supporter of the Palestinians. Like other Muslim countries, there is a boycott of Israeli products in protest against the Israeli attack on Gaza. QSR Band Holdings, the parent company that operates the KFC and Pizza Hut franchises in Malaysia, said the KFC outlets were temporarily closed in light of the challenging economic conditions.

QSR Brands and KFC Malaysia have decided to temporarily close these outlets to manage rising business costs and increase business in busy trade areas, the statement said. KFC is a food chain that grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Its fame for fried chicken is worldwide. KFC’s name has been involved in the Israel and Gaza issue after calling for a boycott of Western products in Muslim countries.

Israel continues to attack the Palestinian Gaza Strip. Deaths are happening every day. The US has been supporting this attack since the beginning. In this situation, Malaysia’s KFC is gathering business. While it is not clear how many outlets have been closed, local media reported that hundreds of KFC outlets in Malaysia were temporarily closed after the boycott was called.

KFC Closes Outlets in Malaysia

Despite having more than 600 locations in Malaysia, KFC, Starbucks, and McDonald’s are boycotted because of their alleged ties to Israel in the wake of the Gaza conflict. After reporting significant losses, Vincent Tan, the owner of 400 Starbucks locations, decided to explore privatization.

Operating KFC restaurants throughout multiple nations, including over 480 Pizza Hut locations in Malaysia and Singapore, QSR has suffered significant setbacks in states like Kelantan, where as many as 80% of its locations have closed, and Johor, where fifteen have closed. Eleven branches, mostly in Shah Alam, in Selangor, Malaysia’s industrial center, have temporarily closed.


McDonald’s Malaysia has clarified that a unilateral decision by an individual franchise holder cannot be considered a global action, a reflection of company policy, or an official political position taken by McDonald’s worldwide. . According to McDonald’s Malaysia, the move is a free-market decision and does not represent the values ​​or practices of the local fast-food restaurant chain.

Nevertheless, McDonald’s is a US-based brand that has already led to boycotts by Muslim customers in Malaysia and Indonesia, highlighting the far-reaching consequences of corporate actions in times of international conflict.

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