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If you ever get your information or identity revealed while visiting the Dark Web, that is, if your real email or IP address is revealed, then you will be in big danger. Security specialists or hackers roam freely on the Dark Web, in which case they can do whatever they want with your information. So the risk of the Dark Web is huge.

The highest risk is when you enter an illegal site such as a porn site or something like that with the Dark Web. In these cases, there is the highest risk. By visiting the Dark Web, the Dark Web is valid unless you are doing something illegal. But if you commit a crime and use the Web to keep yourself secret or use the Web to do something illegal, then it is definitely illegal and a crime.

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Advantages Of the Dark Web:

  • None of the metadata or IP addresses are stored in this way.
  • The whole traffic is encrypted.
  • VPN Over Tor: This system is not very secure, but many people use it. In this method, you first submit your request to Tor and after reading it, the request goes to VPN. Since going to Tor first, your internet provider or ISP will know from your information that you are trying to visit the Dark Web. In this case, the ISP can block you and take away your information if you want.
  • This is a good approach if you do not trust the VPN service provider but the ISP.
  • Block tor nodes can be accessed which means it works fast.
  • Since the first method is the most popular and secure, we will proceed with the first method. Then install VPN and read it in Tor Browser.

About Important Dark Websites:

The Hidden WiKi

This is the dark web version of our Wikipedia. You can find out more about Wikipedia here.


This is the dark web version of Google. If you want to explore the whole web world, first you need a good search engine and it will do just that.


If you know Duck Dak Go on the Surface Web, the good news for you is that you can find the official version of Duck Duck Go on the Dark Web as well.


If you want to get the popular links of the Dark Web together in the form of categories, then the Tor link below is the best. Here you will find different types of links in the form of categories. You can visit them if you want.

Caution when visiting the Dark Web:

As much as I don’t use VPN or Tor Browser, to be honest, the risk goes to us. And for this risk, we need a lot of caution. Such as Tor’s security setting

Although Tor’s default security system is quite good and safe, there is no caution, so open the security setting by clicking on the browser icon. Now increase the security by dragging the slider to the right. It is better to take it to the maximum.

  • Never use your credit or debit card. Never.
  • Never click on a link without knowing it at all.
  • There is no need to give real information. You should always use the email version of the Web when using email.
  • Even if you maintain so much security that you are not 100% safe. So it is better not to try to buy or sell something like action even if you visit out of curiosity.

So these secret websites can only be opened using Tor and if you don’t know the name of the website then you can’t open this website even using Tor. For this reason, anti-social people open secret websites and engage in immoral and anti-social activities such as selling drugs, selling guns, selling people, and all kinds of things that are generally illegal. Such websites fall under the Web. 

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