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Iran President Ebrahim Raisi Death: Fatal Helicopter Crash

Iran President Ebrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdullahian and other passengers were killed in the helicopter crash, the country confirmed. Earlier, the country’s media published the news of the death citing sources. The matter has not been confirmed by the Iranian government. Iran’s state news agency IRNA reported that Vice President Mohsen Mansouri confirmed the latest situation in a statement on social media and state television on Monday.

On the other hand, Iran’s cabinet issued a statement saying that President Ibrahim Raisi and his entourage were “martyred” in a helicopter crash in the country’s northwest East Azerbaijan province. A helicopter carrying Iran’s eighth president, Ibrahim Raisi, and his entourage crashed in the Varjakan region of the northwestern province of East Azerbaijan on Sunday.

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After the death of President Ibrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash, 5 days of mourning have been declared in Iran. Mohammad Mokhbar has been appointed as interim president. Syria and Lebanon will also observe 3 days of mourning. Meanwhile, world leaders expressed deep grief over Raisi’s death.

Yesterday, President Ibrahim Raisi went to inaugurate a project in the northwestern part of Iran’s East Azerbaijan state. The helicopter carrying him crashed on the way back. Initially, it is believed that the helicopter fell under the heavy fog and rain. It took rescuers about an hour to find the spot.

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After reaching the spot in hostile weather, it was found that the helicopter was heavily engulfed in flames. There was no existence of life. Later, it was reported in the state message that President Raisi is not alive. 8 people including Foreign Minister Hossain Amir Abdullahian were in the flight. All were killed.

President Raisi will be buried tomorrow, with ceremonies to be held in Tabriz. Others will also be buried there. Meanwhile, world leaders are mourning Raisi’s death. The President and Prime Minister of Bangladesh also expressed their condolences. In addition, Hamas and Hezbollah also expressed deep condolences.

Iran will mourn the death of President Raisi for 5 days. Syria and Lebanon declared three days of mourning. Pakistan will also mourn one day.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Mokhbar has been appointed as Iran’s interim president. His appointment was confirmed by Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He is getting 50 days before the next election to choose Raisi’s successor.

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International leaders have begun to respond to the news of the death of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi. Ibrahim Raisi, the president of Iran, perished in a helicopter accident. Iran’s state media confirmed this information.

Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said his country would observe a day of mourning and fly the flag at half-mast to honor Raisi and his companions. In a post on X, Sharif referred to Raisi and Amir-Abdullahian as close friends of Pakistan and offered the Iranian people his sincere condolences and sorrow for this tragic loss. He said, “The great Iranian nation will overcome this tragedy with traditional courage.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a post on X that he was deeply saddened and shocked by the tragic death of President Raisi. Meanwhile, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro hailed President Raisi as an unconditional friend and extraordinary leader.

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Reuters earlier said that President Raisi’s helicopter had been located. Images of the accident scene were also released by the news organization. The helicopter’s damaged component is visible, lying on the misted slope. Multiple cars are moving. Rescuers are walking to the scene of the collision. The shattered helicopter is in extremely poor condition as well. It was damaged by the accident. The chopper also caught fire. Multiple parts match when burned. The cabin of the chopper was the most damaged.

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