Peaky Blinders Movie

Peaky Blinders Movie – Release And Cast

And now turn on “Red Right Hand,” for it’s the return of the Peaky Blinders, bringing their own movie with them. After six beloved seasons, a Peaky Blinders movie is finally coming soon to Netflix, with show creator Steven Knight, series star Cillian Murphy, and director Tom Harper teaming together to continue the story of Tommy Shelby and his family.

On June 4, Netflix revealed that a Peaky Blinders movie was in development, sparking a lot of interest from fans. Filming will begin later in 2024, more than two years after the show’s last recent episode aired, according to the teaser.

Peaky Blinders Movie

The new film will pick up where the TV series ended off, so displacing any prospective seventh season. Knight teased the narrative to Deadline, calling it “an explosive chapter in the Peaky Blinders story.” without limitations. Full throttle Peaky Blinders during a skirmish. Knight nodded, even more literally, to the fight. The author also disclosed to the publication that World War II will be the setting for the second chapter of the period epic.

There are already two Peaky Blinders spinoff TV shows in development: a Boston-based sequel and a prequel focused on Polly Gray. Peaky Blinders was a great television show, but before it can grow into a franchise, it needs to get some traction in mainstream culture, especially because the first spinoff won’t premiere for at least three years after the main series ends. Interest in franchises can quickly decline if they aren’t consistently of a high caliber, even though it might not seem like much time. The movie sequel could be the best solution.

Peaky Blinders Movie Cast

Following its 2013 BBC Two debut, “Peaky Blinders” went on to achieve remarkable popularity on Netflix. Despite the fact that the series concluded in April 2022, Knight’s long-held ambition to adapt the narrative into a movie is now coming true. Along with Tom Hardy, Paul Anderson, Helen McCrory, and other actors, Murphy also stars in the film, which seems to be an exciting big-screen continuation of the ‘Peaky Blinders’ story.

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Peaky Blinders Movie Release Date

The Peaky Blinders movie is not expected to be included in the 2024 film schedule because it is expected to begin production in late 2024. Instead, the earliest we’ll likely see the Peaky Blinders movie is in the middle of 2025. We also don’t know if the movie will launch only on Netflix or if it will be one of the few Netflix original movies that is screened in cinemas, considering that the streaming service is producing the movie.

How to Watch Peaky Blinders?

The only place you can see all six seasons of Peaky Blinders before the movie comes out in the US is on Netflix. In the UK, you may watch the show on Netflix and BBC iPlayer. 


The upcoming Peaky Blinders film is well-positioned to launch the next five years of the franchise following a little break. In the upcoming Peaky Blinders sequel feature, which will pick up where season 6 left off, Cillian Murphy will reprise his cherished role as Thomas Shelby. This follows his Academy Award-winning performance as the title character in Oppenheimer.

Most of the show’s main cast should accompany him, despite the lack of official casting announcements. With September marking the start of filming, a 2025 release date seems feasible.

For over ten years, Tommy Shelby, a renowned and adored character, has been the main character of the high-profile television series Peaky Blinders. While many did not consider Peaky Blinders’ sixth season to be the best, it provided a satisfying wrap for the TV show and a clear path for the characters in the upcoming film. In the sequel, Tommy will be living in a world where he has once again cheated death, which will prime him for a thrilling, dramatic finish.

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