PSG vs Al Nassr Match Time

Cristiano Ronaldo, a famous player from Portugal, has joined Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasser. He will still compete against Argentina’s greatest player, Lionel Messi. But if you want to enjoy the game from Bangladesh, you need to know about PSG vs Al Nassr Match Time in Bangladesh.

The combined team of Al Nasser and Al Hilal will take on Messi’s team in a match against Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) on Thursday. Additionally, PSG will profit significantly from this match.

For travelling to play against Ronaldo’s combined XI, PSG will receive 10 million euros, or 112 crore 67 lakh 87 thousand taka in Bangladeshi currency. In other words, this match’s cost is more than 2,08,600 rupees per second.

About PSG vs Al Nassr Match 

The King Fahd Stadium in Riyadh will host the match between Messi and Ronaldo. The Al Nassr team now has Ronaldo as its captain. On Thursday, he will lead the combined XI as well. Ronaldo must still compete for Al Nassr. He will play for this combined eleven before that. Ronaldo might make his Al Nasser debut on Sunday. While at Manchester United, Ronaldo received a two-match suspension. After arriving in Al Nasser, he was unable to participate in the first two games.

Messi, on the other hand, switched to PSG following the World Cup. He participated in games for the Paris club as well. It has also come true for Messi to win the World Cup. This was his final World Cup, he claimed. He does, however, desire to play in more Argentina matches. Messi led the World Cup in goals with seven. Messi spent his vacation in Argentina before leaving again. He took a two-week vacation from the club. Messi participated in two games with the team again. All eyes are now focused on seeing Messi and Ronaldo square off once more.

PSG vs Al Nassr Match Time in Bangladesh

Full schedule of PSG vs Al Nasser matches. This match will start on January 19th at Doha Stadium in Qatar. As per Bangladesh time, you can watch this match, PSG vs Al Nasser, live from 11:00 pm on January 19th.

PSG vs Al Nassr Match Live

The anticipation for this game has already begun to grow. Fans are becoming more interested in viewing this major match on television and online in addition to doing so when seated at the stadium. The renowned Paris Saint-Germain will participate in a friendly match on Saudi Arabian grounds. The combined eleven of Al Hilal and Al Nasser club will face PSG in that match. 

For tickets to see this match in the stadium, more than 20 lakh individuals have submitted online applications. Because not only Messi vs Ronaldo, but stars like Neymar and Kylian Mbappe will also play in this match. Auction for special tickets. The owner of the particular ticket will be able to meet the two superstars at the end of the game. You can even take pictures with them. 

Ronaldo’s debut and Messi’s performance in that World Cup will be seen in Asia. PSG vs Al Hilal and Al Nass matches were not given an official telecast. This match will not be shown on any TV channel from Bangladesh. But you can watch PSG vs Riyadh All-Star match through Facebook. First, enter Facebook and search PSG VS AL Nasser Live then, you can watch the game directly.

Al Nassr vs PSG matches Ticket Price

Ronaldo and World Cup-winning captain Messi’s game will keep ticket prices high. Fifty million people worldwide tuned in to watch the PSG vs Al Nassr and Al Helal match. Although no one expected such a match on Asian soil, the club of Saudi Arabia did it. The ticket for this match is in front of a record already made in history. The management sold special tickets, which cost 93 lakh riyals in Saudi currency (about 25 crores 57 lahks in Bangladeshi taka). It is known that PSG is getting Tk 88.54 lakh 60 thousand to play against the combined XI of Al Nassr and Al Hilal.

Earlier, on January 9, the base price of this match was set at 1 million Saudi Riyals, but the ticket holder will not only be able to see the game with this ticket. He will also be able to enter the dressing rooms of both teams. In addition to this, pictures will be taken with the players. So the ticket base for this match starts from 10 lakhs.

Messi Ronaldo Football League Stats

Messi started playing in La Liga’s most famous club Barcelona at the beginning of his career. But not all teams can keep such a forward all the time. Therefore, Messi is currently playing for the PSG club in France. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo started his career for his country’s club, Spotting CP, later, he went to Manchester United and will now play for the Saudi club Al Nesser. In club football, Messi played 546 matches and scored 480 goals and gave 206 assists On the other hand, Ronaldo has 491 goals and 144 assists in 641 matches.

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