Queen Elizabeth

After more than seven decades on the British throne, Queen Elizabeth II died last Thursday at the age of 96. According to British media reports, Queen Elizabeth’s funeral will be held in the next two weeks. Buckingham Palace will confirm the date.

But before that, a 10-day process will be followed on his death. This process is called ‘Operation London Bridge’. The plan, which dates back to the 1960s, was first published in Britain’s Guardian newspaper in 2017. Later last year the news media Politico published it. However, some things have changed. At the end of this process, the funeral of the Queen will take place. She will then be buried next to husband Prince Philip at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

How did Queen Elizabeth II die?

Queen Elizabeth II suffered from various physical complications for quite some time. Her death makes the end of an era. She noticed the decline of the British Empire’s influence in the world as well as a lot of changes in society. Britain’s longest reigning Queen died on Thursday, at the age of 96.

The Queen will be buried in a private mausoleum at St George’s Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle. There he spent his last several years. Elizabeth II will be buried next to her father, King George VI, sister Princess Margaret and husband Prince Philip.

Meanwhile, after 10 days in London, the funeral of the queen will be held with state dignity. Various ceremonies will be held in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast for the next 10 days. Palace‚Äôs flags were flown at half-mast when the Queen’s death was announced on Thursday. At that time, hundreds of people were seen mourning in the square outside the palace. Many rushed to show their respects to the queen who had been in power for a long time.

How will Queen Elizabeth be buried?

‘Operation London Bridge’ (Operation London Bridge) has started with the Queen’s death in Scotland’s Balmoral Castle. During this time, the British Parliament will broadcast a condolence message. Normal business of Parliament will be suspended until the funeral. The death incident at the Queen’s favorite palace in Scotland has been dubbed ‘Operation Unicorn’.

According to the Guardian, the Queen’s coffin will be taken to St. Giles’ Cathedral on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh in a formal procession. The Queen’s body will be there for 24 hours. The Queen’s body will be carried by train from St Giles’ Cathedral the following day. The body will arrive in London on the fifth day of the Queen’s death. From there, the Queen’s coffin will be taken by car to Buckingham Palace.

The coffin will be taken from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster in a formal procession in London the following day. The Queen’s body will be kept in Westminster Hall for five days from that day. People can pay their respects there. There will be 23 hours of public homage every day. Members of the royal family, prominent politicians and former prime ministers of the United Kingdom and heads of state and governments of various countries will also pay their respects to the queen. The queen’s coffin will then be placed on a raised platform under a wooden roof built in the 11th century in a medieval style. This will complete the 10-day process.

The Queen’s funeral will be held at the historic church, Westminster Abbey, on a day set by the royal family. Kings and Queens of Britain are crowned in this church. It was here that Elizabeth was inaugurated as Queen in 1953. It was here that she married Prince Philip in 1947. Royal mourning will continue for another seven days after his funeral.


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