Queen Elizabeth II

Crowds erupted outside Buckingham Palace after news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death broke. Earlier in central London, people gathered outside Buckingham Palace to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II. They are seen standing on the road in mourning and singing the national anthem in unison.

Speculation about the Queen’s health began when Buckingham Palace announced Thursday afternoon that she was under the care of doctors. Because of this, before the news of her death was announced, ordinary people came to lay flowers at the gates of Buckingham Palace to pray for the Queen’s recovery. Palace flags were flown at half-mast after the Queen’s death was announced. At this time, hundreds of people were seen mourning in the square outside the Palace. Many rushed to pay their respects to the queen who had been in power for a long time.

Who is Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth II got the British throne in 1952. On the news of her illness, US President Joe Biden and the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressive messages wishing her well. UK Prime Minister Liz Truss said the whole world was deeply concerned by the sad news of the Queen’s illness.

People started to gather in front of Buckingham Palace in London after hearing the news of the Queen’s illness. Tears were in the eyes of some of the tourists present there. Sue and Andy Alderman, who were visiting London from Somerset, were devastated by the news. They hope to get good news about Rani’s physical condition soon.

Pam Fleming and Kim Tierney, who traveled from Australia, learned of the Queen’s illness while visiting Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth II Cause Of Death:

Queen Elizabeth II has been suffering from several physical complications for a few days. She had trouble walking and standing. Last Tuesday, Liz Truss reached the Queen at Balmoral Castle to be appointed as Prime Minister of the UK. This got done in a break with the British monarchy. Queen Elizabeth usually lives in London, where she is met by future Prime Ministers. But Liz Truss recently needed to move to Balmoral because the Queen had walking problems.

The Queen was still staying at Balmoral Castle. A statement from Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen was very ill shortly after 12:30pm today. It is said that she is under the supervision of doctors.

The members of this royal family reached Scotland hearing the news of the Queen’s illness. Her four children Princess Anne, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward joined the Queen at Balmoral Castle. Grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry and his wife Meghan also reached there.

Who is the Next King After the Death Of Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth II

All UK flags have already been flown at half-mast. Prince Charles became king shortly after the Queen’s death, although he will officially take over on Friday. The queen will be Camelia. They will then tour several locations in the UK. At that time, Westminster Hall will be ready for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Four days after Elizabeth’s death, the funeral procession will begin from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall. More than two thousand guests will participate in it. The queen will be buried 9 days after her death. She may be buried alongside husband Prince Philip and father King George VI. “Operation London Bridge” will be completed after all these arrangements and formalities.

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