Samsung Galaxy M10 Display Price in BD

Samsung Galaxy M10 Display price in BD: The Samsung Galaxy M10 features a 6.22-inch Infinity-V display. It is a PLS TFT LCD panel with an aspect ratio of 19:9. The screen resolution is 720 x 1520 pixels, which results in a pixel density of approximately 270 pixels per inch (PPI). The display offers decent color reproduction and good viewing angles, making it suitable for everyday use.

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Samsung Galaxy M10 Display Features

The Galaxy M10 uses a PLS TFT LCD display. PLS stands for Plane-to-Line Switching, which is Samsung’s own version of IPS technology. The screen size measures 6.22 inches diagonally, providing a large viewing area for multimedia content, web browsing, and more.

  • The display has a resolution of 720 x 1520 pixels, commonly known as HD+. While it’s not the highest resolution available, it still delivers reasonably sharp and clear visuals.
  • The screen has an aspect ratio of 19:9, which means it is taller than the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio. This aspect ratio allows for a more immersive viewing experience, especially for content optimized for taller displays.
  • The pixel density is measured at approximately 270 pixels per inch (PPI). Although not as dense as higher-end devices, it still provides decent sharpness and detail.
  • The Galaxy M10 features a small “Infinity-V” notch at the top of the display. The notch houses the front-facing camera, allowing for a larger uninterrupted screen space.
  • The display is capable of reproducing a wide range of colors, providing vibrant and vivid visuals for multimedia consumption and general usage.
  • The PLS TFT LCD technology used in the Galaxy M10 ensures good viewing angles, allowing you to view the screen from different angles without significant color shifts or loss of brightness.


  • Display Type: PLS TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen
  • Size: 6.22 inches
  • Resolution: 720 x 1520 pixels
  • Aspect Ratio: 19:9
  • Pixel Density: Approximately 270 pixels per inch (PPI)
  • Color Depth: 16 million colors
  • Screen-to-Body Ratio: Approximately 82.1%

Samsung Galaxy M10 Display Problems

If you are experiencing display problems with your Samsung Galaxy M10, here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:

  • Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve temporary display issues. Press and hold the power button on your Samsung Galaxy M10, then tap on “Restart” or “Reboot” when the option appears on the screen. 
  • It’s possible that the display settings on your device may be causing the issue. Go to “Settings” on your Samsung Galaxy M10, then navigate to “Display” or “Screen” settings. Ensure that the brightness level is appropriate and adjust it if needed. 
  • Clearing the cache partition can help resolve various system-related issues, including display problems. 
  • Outdated software can sometimes cause display issues. Make sure your Samsung Galaxy M10 is running the latest available software version. 
  • If the display problem persists and none of the above steps work, you can consider performing a factory reset. However, please note that a factory reset will erase all data on your device, so it’s crucial to back up your important files and data before proceeding. 

If none of these fixes your Samsung Galaxy M10’s display issues, it can be a hardware problem. It is advised in such circumstances to contact Samsung customer care or go to a licensed service facility for more assistance and a qualified evaluation.

Samsung Galaxy M10 Display Price in BD

Learn more about the attributes and features that make the Samsung M10 Display a desirable option for fans of smartphones. This display is made to improve your mobile viewing experience, from its vivid colors and clear graphics to its fluid user interface. The Samsung Galaxy M10 Display is currently available in Bangladesh for 2200tk (original price).


Overall, the Samsung Galaxy M10 offers a solid display experience with its Infinity-V design, HD+ resolution, vibrant colors, wide viewing angles, and additional features like adaptive brightness and a blue light filter.

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