TalkTalk Router Flashing Orange Issue

Complete Guide To Fix TalkTalk Router Flashing Orange Issue

Are you experiencing TalkTalk router flashing orange issue? This indicates that an internet connection is being attempted by your device. If you are having trouble connecting to the internet, you should check the lights on your TalkTalk router, which indicate its current status. There are three different orange TalkTalk router light settings: solid, blinking, and flashing. Give your TalkTalk router some time to set up if its orange light is flashing, especially if it’s a new connection.

What does the Orange Light that is Flashing Mean?

Your TalkTalk router’s orange light indicates the device’s status. Whether the orange light on your router is steady or flashing indicates its current state.

Solid orange light: The TalkTalk router’s solid orange light signifies that your device is attempting to connect to the internet. This is a typical process that will take a few minutes to complete. But after ten minutes, if the solid orange light is still on, something is obviously wrong.

Blinking orange: Your device is in set-up mode and is starting up if the orange light on your TalkTalk router is blinking. This happens after the router is turned on.

Blinking orange and white: The device is connecting to the internet if the orange and white lights on your TalkTalk router are blinking.

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Ways to Fix TalkTalk Router Flashing Orange Issue:

Your router’s orange light flashing problem can be fixed in a few different ways. You should soon be able to access the internet once more if you try each in turn.

  • Verify The Status Of The TalkTalk Service

There is nothing you can do here except verify that the service is unavailable by going to the company’s service status page and signing into your account. After logging into your account, you can quickly test your connection and view the service’s current status. TalkTalk may be experiencing technical difficulties or performing regular maintenance, which is why the service may be unavailable.

  • Check the Connections on Your Cables

Your device won’t be able to connect to the network if the cables at the back of your router are not plugged in securely and correctly. Thus, inspecting each and every cable will aid in resolving the issue.

  • Reset the Router

Numerous problems with your router can be fixed by resetting it to its original factory settings. It should be noted that all saved data, including LAN, firewall, WiFi and login information, and internet connection settings, are deleted during this process.

  • Await the Activation of Your Connection

Your router may either freeze with a solid orange light or become stuck flashing orange if you have just established a new connection. This is a result of the connection not being recorded in the business’s system yet. As a result, you must wait for the registration to process, which could take a day or two. To attempt to speed up the procedure, get in touch with customer service.

  • Contact TalkTalk Customer Support

In the event that none of the aforementioned fixes resolve the problem, you should get in touch with TalkTalk customer service, who can offer guidance on what steps to take next.


So, this guide’s solutions will assist you in fixing the TalkTalk router’s orange light flashing problem. You can try a few fixes to fix the issue, like giving your router some time, resetting it. Also making sure all the cables are connected correctly. Recall that contacting customer service is the last resort for additional help in case none of the fixes resolve the problem.

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