What Is Dark Web

There are probably very few people who have not heard the name Dark Web. But what is dark web? Is it different from the conventional internet? Who uses the Dark Web? How does the dark-web work? Know the answers to all such dark-web-related questions. Also, learn how to visit the web. At the same time, all kinds of misconceptions about the Web will be removed through this article.

What ordinary people can search on the internet is called the open web. Suppose Facebook and Core are open websites. The funny thing is that only 1% of the Internet is this open web. However, if you change your settings and exclude your profile from the search engine, your profile will fall under the Deep Web. 

This means that you will not find information or websites using search engines, so it falls under the Deep Web. For example, your bank account information, and your emails can be thrown on the deep web. These are on the internet but not open to the public. But these are by no means illegal. Many people think the Deep Web and the Dark-Web are one thing but two different things.

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What Is Dark Web?

It is an impermissible world of the Internet. There is more information on the Dark-Web than you can find on Google! Here are some websites that you can’t normally access! Now you can tell why you can’t access it normally! This is because there is a lot of illegal work here. 

You would be surprised to know that some websites here have murder orders, some have hack orders, and openly sell drugs! There is so much more! All this will weaken the security of any country! Now you can also tell why these websites are not banned! To be honest, the whole Web is hidden! And the names of the websites on the Dark Web are not like normal names! 

You can’t remember the names of these websites! And you have to know a lot to use it! You must be a Tor Browser user to access these websites! It is a browser that constantly hides your real address! As a result, tracking your location is very troublesome! And using this encryption method, we have to enter the web which our so-called normal browser cannot do!

Why Do People Visit The Dark Web?

Anonymous or keep yourself secret

People have many reasons to keep themselves secret. Many people keep themselves secret to protect themselves from danger, such as in some countries, if you can’t speak according to your freedom, then you can speak in secret through the web. There are also many reasons why people want to keep themselves secret and the Dark-Web is perfect for this.

Get Hidden Service

Hidden service or also called onion service by many, you will not find such services on the open web in case you have to go to the web. The reason for giving Hidden Service on the Web instead of Open Web is that the identity of the site is very secure here and your identity is also secure. So no one will find out the real identity of anyone. Although the Dark-Web itself is not a hidden service, many sites hosted on it are hidden services.

For Illegal Work

It is true that the Dark-Web is seldom used for positive or good work, but in most cases, the Dark-Web is famous for illegal work. Drug dealing, killer renting, child pornography, bedroom, all of these things you will find available on the Dark Web.

How To Visit?

Since you have been reading for so long, I think your idea about the Web has matured. Now if you have decided to visit it then let’s start the journey. But be careful that if you have a problem, neither I nor anyone involved with the details will be responsible for that problem. The whole responsibility is your own.

So let’s get started. First of all, you will need some tools which I have already mentioned. However, let’s not take a look (the following steps will work in all cases of mobile or computer). First, you need a secure VPN. You can install the latest Nord VPN and if it has a premium subscription then it is quite good. Install whatever VPN you want.

Then you can use an Onion browser like Tor Browser, I2P, etc. However, if you are an Android user, you need Orbot. My suggestion is to install Tor Browser on PC and Orbot on Android. Link to visit. Which you will find in this article. Once all these are installed, the real work will start now. 

So, now you know what is dark web and how it works. It will be more clear when you direct use this internet option. 

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