What Is Depression

Do you know what is depression? According to the World Health Organization, about 350 million people worldwide currently suffer from this depressive disorder. A study by the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) found that 44% of the total population in Bangladesh suffers from depression.

According to a survey conducted in Dhaka by the National Institute of Mental Health and the World Health Organization in Bangladesh, more than 16 percent of children and adolescents suffer from depression.

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Why is Depression?

In this regard, the country’s renowned physician, Professor of Psychiatry at the National Institute of Mental Health. Md. Tajul Islam told Medivoice that the problem of depression in Bangladesh, especially among young people, has reached alarming proportions. One of the main reasons for this is various social and family problems. Our socio-economic status is increasing the number of patients suffering from depression in various ways.

Symptoms of Depression:

  • A person can be considered to be suffering from depression if several symptoms appear for two weeks or longer. Such as:
  • The mind is in turmoil, the mind is bad, and the mind is dead.
  • Not finding happiness in anything, even the favorite deeds of one time seem to be unhappy.
  • Reluctance to work, wanting to spend the whole day lying down.
  • Reluctance to participate in family work and events.
  • Thinking negative all the time, looking down on yourself.
  • Seeing the failure of a small subject as big.
  • Sleep deprivation and abnormal sleep deprivation.
  • Decreased eating and drinking, again abnormal increase.
  • The very opposite of being completely silent is seen again, the talk is much more.

Psychologists also say that the response to depression can be twofold, such as sleep deprivation, sleep deprivation, and sleep deprivation. “Again, sleep is seen, but the energy that comes from sleep does not come to the body and the opposite is felt. 

Again in many cases the taste of the food changes. As a result, the food may increase, it may decrease again, but in all cases, the body weight is reduced in many cases. Someone gets fat again.

Apart from this, doctors also talk about some of the symptoms which include various physical symptoms, burning sensation in the hands and feet, feeling of hot washing out of the ears or severe headache, and constipation.

Causes of Depression:

Not being able to work as expected by parents. – Study or earning worries – Family problems – Relationship problems – Hormone secretion changes – Unexpected success. – What Is The Treatment For Depression If you think you have any of the above symptoms, consult a psychiatrist without delay. How to maintain good mental health – – Adequate sleep – Take a short walk in the sun to keep a good mind. – Talk to people. – Share the day’s work.

What Can be Done to Prevent Depression?

  • Just as there are many qualities in us, there are also flaws.
  • You need to do your own counseling. Especially before going to bed at night, it is necessary to check the account throughout the day and start anew so that it does not recur the next day.
  • I am the lord of the mind. The mind is my slave. So it is not necessary to suppress the mind but to change it for good. It needs to be done with love, not whip.
  • Why should I be upset if someone bothers me? Why am I giving permission? Because the mind is weak. The mind needs to be strengthened.
  • Depression can be prevented by taking morals and values ​​with you.
  • External happiness is fleeting, so it is important to pursue sincere happiness without being greedy for it.
  • It is better to receive the rate if necessary as it increases the argument. This rate creates harmony, not rate.
  • The disease is in your body, it needs to be treated but the mind should not be diseased.
  • Using anger as a weapon is a symptom of weakness. Need to be strong, not weak. Anger actually needs to stop. 

To Sum Up

Mental illness is much more complex than physical illness. And many people are accepting the rate of this disease. The only word is mental exhaustion. This word is killing more than one soul. There is so much energy in this little word that is taking people’s lives silently. In this time of crisis, loneliness, loneliness, and social isolation is eating away at the young generation. Young people are more likely to suffer from depression than adults. Find out why.

We become overwhelmed by the pressures of everyday life. Incidents like boys or girls getting sick disasters to increase their mental distress. We call this state mental depression. Those who cannot suffer mental anguish day after day, their daily activities are disrupted and they are forced to live a stagnant life. Then it becomes a disease. This requires treatment.

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