Woman Lawyer Publicly Beat the Rickshaw Puller

A woman lawyer beat up a rickshaw puller. The lawyer’s name is Aarti Rani Ghosh. The incident took place on May 08 2023, Monday afternoon, in front of Jessore court on Mujib Road. A video of the incident has gone viral on social media. In the video, Aarti Rani Ghosh is seen slapping a rickshaw puller’s collar while dressed as a lawyer. At this time, pedestrians tried to distract the lawyer but failed.

In the video, one can be heard saying, ‘You are a lawyer beating him by what law? Leave him. You also hit him with a shoe. You can’t kill him. Hand him over to the law. At this time the lawyer said, “I will not talk to you.”

Who is Aarti Rani Ghosh?

The accused lawyer is the wife of deceased Neelaratan Ghosh of Ambika Basu Lane of the city. And the victim rickshaw driver Saiful Islam of Abdulpur Sizali village of Churamankati union of Sadar upazila.

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Who was the Witness of this incident?

A young man named Mir Rabiul Islam Rabi who witnessed the incident said that the woman lawyer was crossing the road. At that time a rickshaw hit him and he fell. Later, when the rickshaw puller apologized to him, the lawyer started beating him. He also hit the rickshaw puller with a shoe. When everyone starts videoing, he puts down his shoes and beats him with his hands.

In this regard, Aarti Rani Ghosh said that the rickshaw driver pushed me in the road. I was hurt by it. I beat him later. When asked if it was right to beat the rickshaw puller, lawyer Aarti Rani Ghosh said, ‘Should I worship him?’

Meanwhile, President of Jessore District Lawyers Association expressed regret for such an incident. Isaac He said, the incident is undesirable. Organizational action will be taken against her.

Woman Lawyer Publicly Beat the Rickshaw Puller: Live Viral Video

Woman lawyer beats rickshaw driver with shoe, video goes viralWomen lawyer beats rickshaw driver with shoe, video goes viral. A 6-minute 39-second video circulating on social media shows a 50-year-old woman lawyer wearing a black gown grabbing the rickshaw puller by his shirt collar and slapping him one after another. He was beaten and told to go to the municipality with the rickshaw key. Jamar repeatedly took the rickshaw puller to the municipality by his collar and threatened to cancel his license.

The video also shows the rickshaw puller raising his hands and apologizing during the beating. The lawyer did not leave him even though he begged. Elopatari kept slapping. At this time, pedestrians tried to stop the lawyer but failed. In the video, another pedestrian can be heard saying that the accused lawyer also kicked the rickshaw puller. When they protested the incident, the lawyer kept slapping the rickshaw puller. At one point, he calmed down when a woman came forward and protested. At that time the rickshaw driver left with his rickshaw.

What authority says about Aarti Rani Ghosh?

After the video went viral, netizens condemned and protested the incident on Facebook. President of Jessore District Lawyers Association in this regard. Ishaq said that the incident of publicly beating the rickshaw puller on the road was unwanted and unintended. They will express their grief to that rickshaw puller. At the same time, action will be taken as per the rules of the association including warning the lawyer Aarti Rani Ghosh.

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