World Teachers Day

05th October 2022, is celebrated as World Teachers’ Day. So today I have come up with a beautiful post for you on what is Teacher’s Day. World Teacher’s Day is celebrated all over the world as we all respect all the teachers of the world. So many people want to know when World Teachers Day will be celebrated. If you want to know about World Teacher’s Day then you can know from our post.

This day is celebrated to honor all the teachers of the world. But many people don’t know when they should celebrate World Teachers Day. So they wanted to know about World Teachers Day on the internet. For your information, People celebrate the day worldwide on 05th October every year.

History Of World Teachers Day:

It is known that since 1966, at the Intergovernmental Conference on the Status of Teachers in Paris, UNESCO and the International Labor Organization formulated a joint recommendation on the rights, responsibilities and status of teachers. 

The recommendations emphasize respect for the teaching profession, including teacher training, recruitment and promotion, responsibilities and rights, job security, disciplinary processes, professional independence, monitoring and evaluation of activities, participation in educational policy-making processes, effective teaching and learning environment and ensuring social security. was giving

In view of taking meaningful initiatives to ensure the proper implementation of the document made by the member countries of the United Nations, the international organization was based on the decision taken by the 26th session of UNESCO in 1994, the then Director General of UNESCO. The celebration of World Teachers’ Day on 5 October was auspiciously initiated by the proclamation of Frederick M. Mayor.

A recommendation for teachers in higher education is adopted at the meeting of the ILO-UNESCO Joint Expert Committee held every three years. We observe World Teachers’ Day to recognize the outstanding contribution of teachers in the field of education and development.

This day is celebrated in 167 countries of the world. Education International and its 401 member organizations are playing a key role in celebrating this day. This organization represents 3 crore 2 million members worldwide.

Why Do We Love World Teachers Day?

A teacher is a beacon in whose light all the world’s evils disappear and human society emerges in a new light. Teachers are ideal nation builders. Whose role is incomparable in guiding the nation in the right direction. A teacher shows the right path by being the guide of light to people who are going on the wrong path.

Three people can change a country or a nation, they are parents and teachers. To take up the great and complex task of teaching as a profession, the teacher needs to possess certain characteristics that will make him aware of his duties and responsibilities. These qualities will be a combination of the teacher’s innate and acquired education and experience. An aspiring teacher can gain many qualities through practice in his passion and passion for his profession.

A teacher is like a parent, much like a friend. Because we learn from them from childhood. An ideal teacher is the craftsman of making people civilized, beautiful and up-to-date. The role of teachers is immense in building a beautiful nation and society. Not only the moral knowledge, but the morals and values ​​we get from the teachers, we carry with us for the rest of our lives. A teacher is a nation builder. 

They are the real leaders of the nation. The teacher discovers the heart and talent of his students, and the students act on it. But while the education system of the distant past was informal, the present modern education system is full of formalities. This institutional education system restricts the duties of teachers and the pace of student curiosity.

World Teachers Day Messages, Quotes, Wishes:

Today on the occasion of World Teacher’s Day, many people are looking for Teacher’s Day status on the internet. So in this part of the post we are going to share with you many beautiful selected statuses on teacher’s day. You can share these statuses on your Facebook timeline. So let’s collect Teacher’s Day Messages, Quotes, Wishes.

  1. “True teachers are those who help us think.” – Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan
  2. “A teacher exerts an overall influence, no one can say where his influence ends. ” – Henry Adams
  3. “Medium teacher says, good teacher explains, best teacher shows. Great teachers inspire. ” – William Arthur Ward
  4. The teacher is the director and guide. He keeps the boat going, but the source of the driving force is the student.’- John Dewey
  5. “A student’s mother is his first teacher, and a teacher is his second mother. “
  6. “I have always felt that the true textbook for the student is his teacher” – Mahatma Gandhi
  7. “Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students.” – Charles Kuralt

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