WWE Backlash Results

WWE Backlash Results: Winner, Grades, Recap & Reactions

WWE Backlash Results: WWE made a great decision by bringing a high-end live event to Lyon, France, as evidenced by the enthusiastic audience that made for an exciting Backlash card on Saturday. From the first to the last match, which also happened to be the two best matches on the card, the fans were raucous.

Cody Rhodes defeated AJ Styles in the main event to make the first-ever televised defense of his undisputed WWE championship. Both men came close to winning multiple times during the exhausting, hard-hitting contest before Rhodes was able to deliver Cross Rhodes to secure the victory.

The exciting match that opened the show, featuring Kevin Owens and Randy Orton facing Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga of The Bloodline, could have easily overshadowed the main event if it hadn’t been so good. Before the match even started, it was transformed into a street brawl, which created a flurry of excitement and helped The Bloodline win thanks to Tanga Loa’s WWE debut.

WWE Backlash Results

All four men engaged in a brawl in the center of the ring to begin the match, and eventually the action spread to ringside. Referees, officials, and security ran to the ringside to try to break up the fight, but it went on until then. Nick Aldis emerged and declared that the match would now turn into a street brawl if they refused to abide by the regulations. There was more frantic fighting in the arena before the action moved back to the ringside. 

Owens dropped Sikoa on the ring steps, and Orton dropped Tonga on both ringside commentary desks. When Orton and Owens started to fully control the match, they used kendo sticks and trash cans. Then, with a frog splash from the ring apron, Owens drove Tonga through a table that was positioned at ringside.

When Sikoa eventually gained momentum, he and Tonga started throwing trash cans and trash can lids at Owens. In a desperate attempt to save face, Owens managed to put Sikoa through a table, but Tonga was there to stop Owens from making another move. But when Orton returned to the match, he took the fight to Tonga, landing a powerslam, a DDT, and an RKO before Sikoa saved him. Sikoa attempted to land a Samoan Spike as he and Orton exited the ring, but Orton countered with an RKO on the commentary desk. 

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Tanga When Owens hit Tonga with a brainbuster from the middle rope onto four strategically placed chairs, Loa made his unexpected debut. Sikoa used a Samoan Spike to finish off Owens after Loa had previously struck Orton and Owens with the ring steps. There were several significant moments in this crazy fight, but Owens’ brainbuster stood out the most. 

WWE Backlash France Results 2024

Randy Orton and Kevin Owens are defeated by The Bloodline | Street Fight

WWE Women’s Title match: Bayley defeats Naomi and Tiffany Stratton

Jey Uso lost to Damian Priest for the WWE World Title.

Kabuki Warriors are defeated by Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair | WWE Women’s Tag Titles

AJ Styles lost to Cody Rhodes for the WWE Undisputed Championship.

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship 

At WrestleMania 40, Cody Rhodes achieved his greatest moment when he defeated Roman Reigns in a straight-up match and “finished the story” by winning the championship. Styles, who emerged victorious from a mini-tournament by defeating LA Knight, will be his first opponent.

Rhodes and Styles made a name for themselves as well-known celebrities before winning the WWE championship. To be honest, if both of them are good in the ring, we could see one of the card’s best matches.

Women’s Championship

The new champion gave Naomi a championship shot, but Stratton got in the way. Although they had scheduled a top contender matchup with Naomi, she had hoped that meant she would get a shot. Nick Aldis just scheduled a triple threat when Nia Jax got in the way. One thing is certain: in order to gain more attention and affection from the WWE fan base, WWE is attempting to pair up some of the best talent in the business with their younger stars for this matchup.

Women’s Tag Team Championship 

Damage CTRL and Belair and Cargill got into a verbal altercation during the SmackDown Live broadcast on April 19. At WrestleMania 40, the crowd favorite team defeated Damage CTRL and shared the victory with Naomi. It granted Belair and Cargill the right to challenge Asuka and Sane in a championship match. This match, which Nick Aldis announced last week, may give birth to two new superheroes.

The Bloodline vs Randy Orton & Kevin Owens

Fighting has always been a part of Kevin Owens. Backstage, Owens lost Sikoa and paid a heavy price in blood. Just last week on SmackDown, he kept fighting them and got help from his new friend Orton. This led to this match being booked. WWE wouldn’t want the hype to end, so it would be an interesting matchup without Roman Reigns.

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