Bangladesh Heatwave

Bangladesh Heatwave 2024: News, Temperature and Heat Alert

Bangladesh Heatwave: Moderate to intense heat waves are sweeping across the country including the capital Dhaka. In this situation, the Department of Meteorology has issued a heat alert stating that this heatwave will continue for the next 72 hours or three days. According to the sources of the Meteorological Department, the western region is more affected by the heat wave than the southeastern region of the country. 

Generally, when the temperature of the country exceeds 36 degrees Celsius, we call it heatwave. The heatwave is currently continuing over most of the country’s districts and will continue for a few more days. It is feared that the temperature of the whole country may increase from today Friday. And after Saturday, the temperature may exceed 42 degrees Celsius and reach 43 degrees.

Bangladesh Heat Wave News

According to Bangladesh Meteorological Department, very intense heat waves are passing over Chuadanga, Jessore and Pabna. Apart from this, severe heat waves are flowing over the rest of Khulna Division, Rajshahi District and Dhaka Division. 

According to the weather forecast, some parts of Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong may experience rain with thunder in one or two places in the southern part of the country. Along with this, the heat wave will continue over the western part of the country, Rangpur, Rajshahi, Khulna divisions.

At present, heat waves have been recorded at 26 stations out of 44 stations under the jurisdiction of the Meteorological Office across the country. According to the weather forecast, there may be rain and thundershowers with temporary gusty winds at two places in Rangpur, Rajshahi, Dhaka, Mymensingh, Barisal, Chittagong and Sylhet divisions today. Along with that, there may be scattered hailstorms at some places. Apart from this, the weather may remain mainly dry with partly cloudy sky elsewhere in the country.

Bangladesh Summer Temperature

Day and night temperatures may remain almost unchanged across the country. In the next three days, due to excess of water vapor, discomfort in public life may increase. It is known that in some districts the temperature reaches 41 degrees but the heat is felt very much. There are even fears that the temperature may rise to more than 42 degrees Celsius this month. When the temperature is 42 degrees Celsius or more, it is called an extreme heat wave.

In this intense heat, the crops are getting burnt and even the creeping grasses that grow carelessly are dying. Even if the current heat continues for a few more days, the farmers fear that the yield of various crops including paddy will decrease. The Met office, however, said that the intense hot conditions are unlikely to change before the next five days.

Hottest Day in Bangladesh

The temperature in Dhaka was 40.4 degrees by noon on April 21. Also, 41.5 degrees in Rajshahi, 41.2 degrees in Khulna, 42.2 degrees in Ishwardi in Pabna, 42.4 degrees in Chuadanga and 42.6 degrees in Jessore.

Basically since April 19th, this kind of high temperature i.e. heatwave is flowing over Bangladesh, as a result of which there has been a deadlock in public life across the country. The government has announced the closure of schools and colleges to avoid suffering.

Bangladesh Issues Heatwave Alert

Severe heatwave continues in Chuadanga. Chuadanga has been burning with temperatures above 40 degrees for four consecutive days. The people of the bordering districts are suffering from continuous heat. Animals have become voracious in the unbearable heat. The maximum temperature recorded in Chuadanga was 41.3 degree Celsius at 3 pm on Friday. Earlier on Thursday, the maximum temperature was recorded at 40.4 degrees Celsius.

The maximum temperature on Wednesday was 40.7 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature on Tuesday was 40.6 degrees Celsius. Chuadanga district administration has issued a heat wave due to intense heat. 

Jaminur Rahman, the officer in charge of the Chuadanga Meteorological Office, said that the intense heat may continue for a few more days. But for now there is no chance of rain. He also said that the temperature will increase every day. No chance of rain yet. The temperature will not drop until it rains.

A heat alert has been issued for 72 hours in Chuadanga on Thursday on the advice of Meteorological Department and Health Department due to rising temperature in Chuadanga. Mikeing is being done in four upazilas of Chuadanga through the information office to make people aware.

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