Weather in Dubai

Weather in Dubai: Emirates Saw Record Rainfall in 75 Years

Weather in Dubai: Dubai International Airport flooded again due to heavy rains. Several international flights have been canceled by the authorities. The city of Dubai was flooded in mid-April. In this, about sixteen annas of the city was submerged in rain water. Several areas of Dubai were flooded again by a strong cyclone before the flood situation normalized. So that there is disruption in air traffic.

Several areas including Dubai International Airport were inundated by heavy rains and strong cyclone on Wednesday. Several international flights have been canceled by the aviation authority. However, the emergency disaster management authority of the country is working to control the flood situation.

Weather in Dubai

Dubai has been facing unpredictable weather since April 15. Due to heavy rains and floods. Due to this, not only Dubai’s air traffic has been affected, but people’s travel by road has also become difficult. Not only that, at least 19 flights from Dubai to Delhi had to be cancelled. At the same time, one person died in floods in Dubai, at least 20 people lost their lives in Oman. It is said to be the heaviest rainfall in the UAE in the last 75 years. Meanwhile in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the average annual rainfall is less than 200 mm.

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With summer temperatures rising to 50 degrees Celsius, water resources have come under immense pressure. To combat this pressing problem, the UAE has created artificial rain through cloud seeding.

At the same time, the UAE and Oman also lack drainage systems to cope with heavy rainfall. It is not uncommon for roads to get flooded here during the rains. In such a situation, the question arises whether artificial rain can cause flooding or not? In fact, the UAE, one of the hottest and driest regions on Earth, is often subjected to artificial rainfall.

The unusual rainfall was described as an ‘exceptional’ climatic event by the UAE’s official media office. In a post on X, they said more rain is likely to hit the country.

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Weather Dubai

Experts say heavy rain was likely as the weather was normal. However, according to Esra Alankabi, senior at the UAE’s National Meteorological Center, low pressure in the upper atmosphere, combined with low pressure at the surface, is acting as pressure on the air. He said the pressure difference between warm temperatures and cold temperatures at subsurface levels creates conditions for storms. He also said that climate change also played a role in the storm.

Dubai International Airport is known as the world’s busiest port for international travel. Due to heavy rains, the flight operations of the airport have been disrupted due to accumulation of water. It was forced to divert some incoming flights to other airports on Tuesday due to rain. The average annual rainfall is 94.7 millimeters or 3.37 inches.

Flagship shopping centers Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates were also affected by the floods. Pictures posted on social media showed the bottom of a Dubai Metro station submerged in deep water in the waters of Ban. Besides, lightning has also been seen touching the top of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Weather of Dubai

Water disrupts vehicular traffic, bringing the area around the airport to a standstill. Many passengers are unable to reach the airport in such a situation. Airport authorities are not able to provide food to stranded passengers. Due to waterlogging, many roads are still not normal to traffic. Passengers and authorities have to be in trouble.

However, the flood situation is gradually improving, authorities said. Domestic flights have already started on a limited basis. However, international flights are still delayed. The authorities have instructed the passengers to check-in with confirmed bookings. Emirates Airline will be able to use Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport, said the airport authority.

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